Operational Restructuring

Industry : IT
Sales (in m€) : 500
Staff : 3 000


  • Dutch IT company acquired by a private equity house to bind together all operations functions (marketing, finance, R&D, sales etc.) and create synergies
  • The objective was to meet SAP Group profitability standards but operations had grown disconnected from financial accounts.

Our job description

  • From bookings to Revenue: reviewing of process and shedding light on discrepancy between bookings and revenue. Four possible causes were : (i) erroneous or phony bookings, (ii) miscalculation of backlog, (iii) new CRM not implemented correctly, (iv) few bookings not invoiced (>5m€ per year).
  • Synergies implementation: 30m€ gain in FY17 thanks to savings in COGS, FTE (300 leavers named and management of the process) and other OPEX.


  • 30m€ savings confirmed in first year P&L.
  • Better understanding and control of situation by management.

Keys to success

Factors of success

  • Strong involvement of 8A team to complete the project within exceptionally tight timeframe (4 months)